Dr. Robert Jankowski 

Contract researcher

Mail: robert14.jankowski@uj.edu.pl

Scientific interest: molecular nanomagnets, molecular switches, lanthanides, luminescent materials, non-linear optical properties

MSc Michał Liberka

PhD student

Mail: michal.liberka@doctoral.uj.edu.pl

Scientific interest: novel transition metal cyanido complexes, lanthanides, single-molecule magnets, light-emitting materials, non-linear optical properties

MSc Maciej Wyczesany

PhD student

Mail: maciej.wyczesany@doctoral.uj.edu.pl

Scientific interest: photoluminescence, molecular thermometry, tetracyanidometallates, lanthanides, luminescent sponges

MSc Jakub Zakrzewski 

PhD student

Mail: jakub.j.zakrzewski@doctoral.uj.edu.pl

Scientific interest: molecular nanomagnets, luminescent thermometers/manometers, molecular switches, luminescent ferroelectrics, chiral luminophores

MSc Mikołaj Żychowicz

PhD student

Mail: mikolaj.zychowicz@uj.edu.pl

Scientific interest: quantum chemistry, magnetism, luminescence, ab initio calculations, DFT, software development, Hamiltonian modelling 

MSc Tomasz Charytanowicz

PhD student

Mail: tomasz.charytanowicz@doctoral.uj.edu.pl

Scientific interest: spin-crossover, slow magnetic relaxations, photomagnetism, solvatomagnetism, photoluminescence, polycyanometallates

MSc Jan Rzepiela

PhD student

Mail: jan.rzepiela@doctoral.uj.edu.pl

Scientific interest: organic synthesis, molecular ferroelectrics, luminescent thermometers, dicyanidometallates, chiral molecular materials  

MSc Agnieszka Puzan

PhD student

Mail: agnieszka.puzan@doctoral.uj.edu.pl

Scientific interest: photoluminescence, hexacyanidometallates, lanthanides, luminescent thermometers, ionic conductors

MSc Aleksander Hoffman

PhD student

Mail: a.hoffman@doctoral.uj.edu.pl

Scientific interest: organic synthesis, photoluminescence, chiral molecular materials, molecular switches, single ion magnets

MSc Kseniia Boidachenko

PhD student

Mail: kseniia.boidachenko@student.uj.edu.pl

Scientific interest: bimetallic luminophores s-d/d-d, photoluminescent sensors, chiral luminophores, group 11 metal-dicyanide complexes

Paweł Bonarek

MSc student

Mail: pawel.bonarek@student.uj.edu.pl

Scientific interest: emissive heteroligand dicyanidoplatinates, bimetallic d-f  luminophores, lanthanide molecular nanomagnets, luminescent thermometers

Kinga Szczecińska 

MSc student

Mail: kinga.szczecinska@student.uj.edu.pl

Scientific interest: Bimetallic d-d/d-f luminophores, photoluminescence, lanthanide-based molecular magnets, magnetism   

Maryia Tamashuk

MSc student

Mail: maryia.tamashuk@student.uj.edu.pl

Scientific interest: emissive tetracyanidoruthenates, heterometallic d-f luminophores, chiral luminophores, polar luminescent materials

Łukasz Kiełtyka

MSc student

Mail: lukasz.kieltyka@student.uj.edu.pl

Scientific interest: hybrid luminophores based on cyanido complexes, stator-rotator supramolecular systems, organic synthesis

Dominika Wolak

MSc student

Mail: dominika.wolak@student.uj.edu.pl

Scientific interest: luminescent heterometallic d-f assemblies, application of chromium(III), zinc(II), and cadmium(II) cyanido complexes for the construction of solid luminophores

Dawid Kruczek

BSc student

Mail: dawid2.kruczek@student.uj.edu.pl

Scientific interest: photoluminescence, molecular thermometry, tetracyanidometallates, lanthanides, luminescent sponges

Marta Niemiec

BSc student

Mail: mar.niemiec@student.uj.edu.pl

Scientific interest: luminescent materials based on heterometallic s-d and p-d coordination networks, emissive hexacyanidometallates

Mikołaj Graff

BSc student

Mail: mikolaj.graff@student.uj.edu.pl

Scientific interest: novel cyanido-containing molecular precursors for the synthesis of functionalized luminophores

Hubert Dziełak

BSc student

Mail: hubert.dzielak@student.uj.edu.pl

Scientific interest: bimetallic d-f assemblies, heteroleptic pentacyanidocobaltates, cyanido mercury complexes

Piotr Gas

BSc student

Mail: p.gas@student.uj.edu.pl

Scientific interest: emissive copper(I) complexes, luminescent materials based on cyanido-bridged d-d frameworks

Zofia Szymanowska

BSc student

Mail: zofia.szymanowska@student.uj.edu.pl

Scientific interest: bimetallic d-p assemblies utilizing various polycyanidometallates and organotin(IV) complexes, chiral and polar luminophores

Maja Romanowska

BSc student

Mail: maja.romanowska@student.uj.edu.pl

Scientific interest: ab initio calculations, theoretical description of magnetic and luminescent properties of lanthanide complexes

MSc Beata Tubek

ERC project manager

Mail: beata.tubek@uj.edu.pl


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